20 Cash Szechuan Province Horse and Orchid token Buffalo/ Lucky Four-leaf clover

Republic of China,

Szechuan Province Horse and Orchid token

Water buffalo and lucky Four-leaf clover
Copper 20 Cash Size


Weight: 16.8 grams, Size: 36 mm; Material: Copper

Szechuan Province: Horse and Orchid c.1918-30

Obverse: a Water buffalo

Reverse: Four-leaf clovers, considered lucky



Szechuan Horse and Orchid coins


Sichuan Horse and Orchid coins were produced in the Republic for seven years (1918), was Governor of Yunnan against Yuan Cai E Jiyao after law enforcement, led the National Protection Army stationed in Chongqing, chaired Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces coalition meeting in Chongqing, and became the coalition commander in chief. Hobbies of warlord Tang Jiyao his head on coins minted in or badge to show his outstanding achievements. To commemorate this event, Chongqing Bureau of copper casting round one of five big positive for the plum flowers for Jiyao portrait, horse-shaped back of a diameter of 33 mm and a thickness of 2 mm a commemorative coin as a gift with the goods.

Sichuan unique "Horse and Orchid Coins", the obverse design is more animal-based theme of the horse, the reverse is the orchid-based theme design. In addition, there are also other animals, buffalo, goats, lions, tigers, butterflies, as well as the legendary insects - 瑞蟲—青蚨 and other designs for the "Horse and Orchid Coins".

Its exquisite composition of the unique design, aside the secular tradition of copper pattern, not marked copper face value, but the diameter of the copper to the metaphor of the size of the copper face value. Each Horse and Orchid Coins" are all worth seeing and pleasing to the eye, they are the Chinese copper family in a wonderful work.




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20 Cash Szechuan Province Horse and Orchid token Buffalo/ Lucky Four-leaf clover



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