1949 Yunnan Province Silver 1/5 Dollar China Anti-Japanese Victory Memorial Hall

1949 Yunnan Province Silver 1/5 Dollar China Anti-Japanese Victory Memorial Hall

Silver 1/5 Dollar, 2 Jiao

Republic of China, Year 38, 1949

Yunnan province

Yunnan Anti-Japanese Victory Memorial Hall



Yunnan is deep in the southern interior, neighboring Burma and Vietnam. It was there that the Nationalists retreated during the Japanese onslaught of World War Two.

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Weight: 5.3 grams; size: 24 mm; Metal: Silver

Republic of CHINA, Yunnan Province 1 MACE AND 4.4 CANDAREENS, 1/5 Dollar


幣     銀


Yunnan Anti-Japanese Victory Memorial Hall


Edge: Reeded

References: Y# 493




Yunnan Province lies in the south of China, bordering Burma (Myanmar), Laos, and Vietman. Various mints were active in imperial times, with one modern mint operating in Kunming starting in 1905, striking the first copper coins in 1906 and silver in 1908.


The catalog description noted, " CHINA. Yunnan. 3 Mace 3 Candareens (Half Dollar),

The Legendary Yunnan Dollar, Sharply struck, and fully lustrous, with mottled gray and russet patina over surfaces free of all but a few minor marks. Little, if any, actual wear is noted. Probably the rarest of the Chinese regular circulation issue Dollars, and a coin that most only dream of ever seeing.

The legendary Chinese Dollar, called the in reference to the Chinese characters across the top that translate roughly to, Yunnan Province.' This fantastic issue is also the only coin in Chinese numismatics that features a season of the year as part of the date. This enigmatic issue, one of China's rarest coin, has been a coin of mystery and legend since its discovery, around 1920. Although there has been constant research in Chinese numismatic circles, over time, no definite reason, or meaning for the term,

There is no doubt as to the rarity of this historic coin, and the quality is fine. The market for rare Chinese coins is exceptional, and there are really none rarer than this remarkable piece. Tremendous interest should be a foregone conclusion.


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1949 Yunnan Province Silver 1/5 Dollar China Anti-Japanese Victory Memorial Hall



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