1912 Silver Medal Half Dollar Li Yuanhong commemorative Five Races Under One Union

Chinese Silver Half Dollar Medal

Republic of China, Vice President Li Yuanhong, 1912

五族共和 Five Races Under One Union

Authenticity guaranteed!

13.5 grams; Silver 900; size: 33.5 mm

Vice President Li Yuanhong, 1912

Obverse: Three quarter facing bust of Li Yuan-hung

Reverse: Lettering:

和共族五 國民華中

念 紀

Five Races Under One Union



Founding of Republic, Vice President Li Yuanhong, China, 1912

Silver Half Dollar (Yuan) coin issued by the Republic of China in 1912. One of a series of coins commerating the Founding of Republic this one features the vice president Li Yuanhong. Li Yuanhong was forced to be proclaimed the provisional military governor of the Hupei Province after the outbreak of the 1911 revolution. He rose to become military governor of China on 30 Nov. 1911, vice president from 1912 until 1916; he became President of the Republic on 7 June 1916.


Five Races Under One Union

Five Races Under One Union was one of the major principles upon which the Republic of China was founded in 1911 at the time of the Xinhai Revolution.

This principle emphasized harmony between what were considered the five major ethnic groups in China, as represented by the colored stripes of the Five-Colored Flag of the Republic: the Han (red); the Manchus (yellow); the Mongols (blue); the "Hui" (white); and the Tibetans (black).[5]

The term 回, huí, primarily referred in this context to the Muslim Turkic peoples in Western China, since the term "Muslim Territory" (回疆; "Huijiang") was an older name for Xinjiang during the Qing dynasty.[6] The meaning of the term "Hui people" gradually shifted to its current sense—a group distinguished from Han Chinese by little more than their Muslim faith and distant foreign ancestry—around 1911–49 in the Republic of China.




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1912 Silver Medal Half Dollar Li Yuanhong commemorative Five Races Under One Uni



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