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1901 Colonial Hong Kong China 5 Cents Silver Coin, Queen Victoria Young Victoria

1901 Colonial Hong Kong China 5 Cents Silver Coin, Queen Victoria Young Victoria

Queen Victoria Hong-Kong
1901 Silver 5 Cents


Weight: 1.3 grams Size: 15.5 mm Material: Silver 800

Obv: VICTORIA QUEEN Queen's head left.



Silver Hong Kong five cents coin

The five cent coin was first issued as a silver coin of 80% fineness in 1866. It had a diameter of 15 mm, thickness of 0.80 mm, weighed 1.34 grams, and had a reeded edge. This coin was minted in silver until 1935, when its composition was changed to copper-nickel. It had an extensive mintage between 1866 and 1933, with some issued in 1932-33 with a plain edge. The coin was not minted in 1869-71, 1878, 1896, and 1906-1932. The following copper-nickel denomination was identical in all aspects except the composition and weight; it weighed 1.36 grams, 0.02 grams heavier than the previous coin. This was a one-year type as it was replaced with a pure nickel coin in 1937. This time, it had a diameter of 16.51 mm, was 1.73 mm thick, and weighed 2.59 grams. This was minted until 1941, with the last issue being scarce. For a period of eight years the denomination was replaced by banknotes and the Japanese military yen. When reintroduced in 1949, it had the same specifications as the last issue, but was minted in nickel-brass. Until 1970 the issue had a reeded security edge; afterwards, it was only reeded. This coin was issued in 1949-50, 1958, 1960, 63-65, 67, 1971-72, 1977-80, with a non-circulating coin issued in 1988. After 1980, the coin ceased to be used as currency.



Hong Kong Five Cents

Valuations and Mintages from 1866 to 1941
(Only as General Information)

I always recieve inquiries about the Hong Kong coin valuations. It is hard for me to answer, as I am not a dealer or active collector. Coin valuations are generally determined by the condition of the coin, and rarity. I suppose all the coins are in a very fine condition grading. I provided with a catalog about Hong Kong coin valuations with the Hong Kong collector in mind. The values of the coin are approximate and intended only as a guide and are not offers to buy or sell but are included only as general information. For a better understanding of the Hong Kong coin valuations, I suggest you view the Standard Catalog of World Coins.]

(Prices list below are in Hong Kong Dollars)
The HK Official Exchange Rate: Since 1983, the Hong Kong dollar has been "pegged" at HK$7.8=US$1 although the exchange rate fluctuates slightly around that level.



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1901 Colonial Hong Kong China 5 Cents Silver Coin, Queen Victoria Young Victoria

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