1895 Colonial Hong Kong China 10 Cents Silver Coin, Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria Hong-Kong


1895 Silver 10 Cents

Weight: 2.8 grams Size: 17.8 mm Material: Silver .800


Obv: VICTORIA QUEEN Queen's head left.

Rev: HONG-KONG TEN CENTS, in Chinese 1895.

Edge: Reeded


Silver Hong Kong ten cents coin

The ten cent coin was first issued as a silver coin of 80% fineness in 1866. Before the Second World War the coin was first made of .800 purity silver, with a weight of 2.82 g, thickness of 1.1 mm and diameter of 17.50 mm with a reeded edge. The first ten-cent coin, issued in 1863, featured the portrait of Queen Victoria on its obverse and was minted until the year of her death, 1901. Her successor, King Edward VII of the United Kingdom then featured on the obverse from 1902 to 1905, despite reigning until 1910. In the early 1900s during China's currency reform, in some provinces of China, such as Guangxi, some residents and retailers refused Chinese 10-cent coins, and requested instead the "kwaitau", or "devil's head" coin, a euphemism for the Hong Kong 10-cent coin.

After a long period of no minting, the coin returned in 1935 and 1936 with King George V of the United Kingdom on its obverse. The dimensions remained the same although the coin's composition was changed to copper-nickel.




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1895 Colonial Hong Kong China 10 Cents Silver Coin, Queen Victoria



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